This oral health video library contains one video correlating with each well-child visit from 2 months to age 5 as well as a prenatal/introduction to the library. Each video contains one small, digestible piece of oral health information aimed at closing the oral health literacy gap for families of young children. The information is delivered by an oral health champion from the Children’s Oral Health Network of Maine, and purposefully chosen to provide families with the key pieces of information they need to prevent dental disease in their children.

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  • Children’s Oral Health Network of Maine
  • Cross Cultural Community Services
  • From the First Tooth
  • House of Languages
  • Maine Access Immigrant Network
  • Maine Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Maine Dental Association
  • Maine Department of Health & Human Services, Center for Disease Control & Prevention
  • Maine Primary Care Association
  • Mainely Teeth
  • MCD Global Health
  • Northeast Delta Dental Foundation
  • Sadie and Harry Davis Foundation
  • St. Apollonia Dental Clinic
  • University of New England